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Thanks again everyone. I will keep at it. . .


Nice Thanks sharing Adam :sunglasses: … in btw i love your hat … for this warm song )

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Very nice Adam. Beautiful voiceing and rhythms
Dr. Dean

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Someone To Watch Over Me - solo piano

Last Friday I was lucky to have an antique Steinway piano shop all to myself for the afternoon.

I made a performance of my recent arrangement on “Someone To Watch Over Me”

I had an issue setting up the audio recording device (hence the quietness).

I hope you all enjoy the performance none the less!

ps. the beginner tutorial on this tune is uploading now and will be online later.


That arrangement is beautiful. What a pleasure to listen to your music.
Thank you for your inspiration and instruction. I’ve never learned so much in such a short time. I’ Just finishing my arrangement of “Tenderly” Hope to video in about two weeks. I have a long journey ahead but it’s such a pleasurable adventure.
Dr Dean

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Thanks Dr Dean. It’s my pleasure to share it with you.

Awesome, looking forward to it!

It takes a lot a courage to share your music and I have much admiration for your performance of “Misty”.

Tenderly is beautiful. Such intricate harmonies and delicate melodies. It will always be one of my favourites.

Yes I like to see jazz is a lifelong journey. I just aim to get a little better each day and I find it takes the pressure off with that mentality.

There is always more theory to learn, more styles to explore, more records to listen to.

That to me is what makes it so exciting!

Talk soon,

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Talk about a kid in a candy store, eh? A very fine job, Hayden. Thanks for sharing! :musical_score: :musical_keyboard:

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Nice rendition Hayden.

What’s the touch and feel like on a 100 year old Steinway grand?

Very nice Luciano. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Absolutely :smile:

It was a wonderful space.

Yes it was lovely to play Paul.

Totally different to the modern ones but it had a lot of character.

Aesthetically is was a beautiful instrument to play with the mahogany finish and fine details.

I’ll be back there in the future to record again I hope.

I set up the audio recorder incorrectly and there is a buzzing/distortion which is why I had to bump down the volume… live and learn for next time!


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What a gorgeous performance. Always makes me think of Woody Allen’s film ‘Manhattan’ too (a great film, so all good with this!) Thanks Hayden :smiley:

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That was so elegant and lovely. What a cool place to video and play!! The videographer is quite the artist too!!


That was really beautiful and inspiring. It would be a great place for everyone in the community to practice together :smile:
Thanks for sharing the video with us.

Cheers, Yves

Thanks Yves - I’m glad you enjoyed watching.

And yes that would be a great room for us to practice in together.

I imagine it would get a little noisy with 30 pianos being played at once though! :smile:

Hey Hayden, being a newbie here I have not yet found the way to create a new post. Can you please give me a hand ? :slight_smile:

Hi Manuel,

Welcome to the PianoGroove Community and yes I can certainly help you out here.

This thread is for sharing videos of our performances so that we can get feedback and inspire each other to practice and improve.

How To Record Our Performances:

Check out this thread where we talk about options for cameras, stands, and other things to help you record yourself:

How To Share Our Performances:

Once we have recorded a video of our performance, we can upload it to YouTube and simply copy and paste the video URL into the forum and it will allow us all to watch it.

If I can be of further assistance here let me know and I’m always happy to help.

Talk soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow Lori! Sounds great! LOVE the solo, very beautiful. Jam sounds fun too!

What a lovely space to play in. And your arrangement is wonderful Hayden. I really like the design detail on the music rack too. Thanks for the inspiration

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Recorded Tenderly

Dr. Dean


What a wonderful performance Dr Dean.

I really like how you are filling in the breaks in the melody with your left hand.

I’ll be studying it when I get home!

Thanks for sharing

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