Scales over ii-v-i's Suggestions?


The middle section of Jobim’s “One Note Samba” is basically the Db Maj scale over a ii-v-i.

Can anyone suggest other pieces that use scales like for the melodic line that would be fun to play over ii-v-i’s?

I am looking for musical pieces to practice exercises in all or any key with other rhythms where I can incorporate the scales.

Thanks for the help.

Hey @noreen :wave:

Often with jazz standards the melodies are diatonic (ie. the melody is comprised exclusively of notes from the scale of the key).

One of my favourite tunes is “In A Sentimental Mood” and the B Section contains a lovely diatonic melody over the 1625 progression in Db Major.

Here are some lessons on this:

I’m unsure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a beautiful melody line in the key of Db Major which uses the notes from the Db major scale.

Whilst playing scales can be an effective component of improvisation, there are other very important components such as chord tones, approach patterns, arpeggios etc… which can be easily overlooked if we are thinking purely about scales.

I can recommend the improvisation module of my course on Misty to learn these concepts over common progressions such as 251 and 36251.

I am currently creating a similar course on the tune “Body & Soul” which covers similar exercises but in the key of Db Major.

Leave this with me and in my new course I will create some exercises for running and connecting the associated chord scales over the A Section of Body & Soul. If I understand your question correctly, I think that might be what you are looking for here.