Roland RD 2000 Keyboard


Thanks, I’m already very pleased with it. Yes this is a full-size keyboard that I just got set up yesterday. It offers much more than just a regular keyboard. Maybe if you watch this video it will give you an idea about how it sounds and what it does. In the video, he doesn’t really get into the acoustic keyboards, but I can tell you they are very good, and there are a lot of options. Also, if you are interested, you can find other YouTube videos that show different aspects of the keyboard, Hope this helps you out.


Great technology. Have fun with your beautiful Roland 2000.
Dr. Dean

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I like the ‘mellow/softer’ acoustic sounds Scott.

I think they are well-suited to the down-tempo jazz ballads that I like to play.

I’m using the RD700 so the interface may be a little different, but here’s the 2 acoustic piano sounds that I like best:

Thanks Dr Dean and Hayden. Yes the interface is a bit different. I don’t know about the RD700, but this one has two sound engines, one is modeled and the other sampled. There are many choices. I found this example of the acoustic V sounds that you might find interesting. I’ve just started playing around with them, but for now I think I like the Eastcoast Studio, Bold Beauty, Deep Concert, and Aco Grand 3. I suppose all have their place depending on what you’re playing.


Wow, the RD 2000 has some beautiful piano sounds… I must play on one next time I’m in a piano store.

I bought my RD 700 back in 2014 before I had started PianoGroove. It’s still going strong to this day so I’m sure your RD 2000 will be a great investment Scott. Enjoy!