Roland FP-90 Keyboard

At the end of July, I had a discussion on the forum about which keyboard to purchase. I was looking at a couple and due to the virus was not able to try them out. Based on online reviews and the forum’s positive reviews about the Roland brand, I ordered the FP-90 and it finally arrived this past Saturday. It was on backlog for a long time!

I absolutely love it! I previously had a Casio Privia and there is no comparison. The touch on the Roland keyboard is wonderful! I love the feeling of the keys…no plastic feel or click and they have a great weight. It is very close to playing an acoustic piano. Of course, it will not take the place of my acoustic baby grand, but I truly enjoy playing it and it gives my husband some quiet time! :grin:

I am still getting use to it and trying to find the best settings. I have the three pedal setup and find the sustain pedal a bit difficult to get use to. It seems to be a bit heavy. Overall, it is a great piano and I could not be more pleased with my purchase.

Thanks to everyone’s response to my questions in July!


love the FP series. I only have the Fp-50 and have watched the features of FP-90 - so impressed! So very happy for you Celia! Congratulations on your new toy :heart_eyes: Enjoy and keep us posted!!! :blush:

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