Rhythm Changes Masterclass by Tuomo

Tuomo has created a fantastic study on Rhythm Changes.

Check out the lesson here:

This was intended as a 5-minute masterclass but Tuomo felt that it could not be covered in such a short tutorial. It is still housed in Tuomo’s masterclass section, but the tutorial is 17 minutes long so a little longer than the other masterclasses.

The lesson covers the history of this iconic chord progression, examples of the most famous contrafacts, and an in-depth study of the harmonic framework of this must know progression.

@Tuomo shares his wealth of knowledge on the tune and demonstrates a number of common reharmonisations that are played over Rhythm Changes.


o< Wow those 5 minutes masterclass becomes more and more dense !

Great job! What a challenge to cover that in less than 15 minutes!

Yes there’s so much to take in there.

Rhythm Changes is a progression I need to work on so I will add that to my practice list for 2019.

Perhaps we can cover also cover some of the contrafacts that Tuomo references such as “Anthropology” or “Oleo”.

This is a nice lesson to get us started anyhow.

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I find this link with an impressive contrafacts list at the end of the pdf and a pretty deep discussion on rhythm change


so incredible and cool free stuff on internet those days !

PS links no more working another https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_jazz_contrafacts

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Rhythm Change is like a great playground where applying all the theory and harmonic ideas it will be my next study after the blues which is too a large playground where we could play all long life time !