REMINDER - New Listening Class Starting!

Hi Piano Groove Community!

Just wanted to do a shoutout about new Listening Class, starting Tuesday January 25th.

In this class I want to share my love and appreciation to all different eras and unique approaches to jazz piano, and hopefully help to broaden everyone’s idea of what’s wide world jazz is.

This class is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced.

Here’s a link to the Classroom page, just sign up by pushing ‘Join Classroom’

Of course feel free to explore other classrooms as well!

All the best,


Fantastic, @Tuomo . Really looking forward to it!!

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Hi Tuomo,

2 questions on this:

What time are these sessions taking place?. (apologies if I missed this)

Also, will the sessions be available later…? ( e.g. will they be recorded…?)

Many thanks,


Hi @dave1 ,

The first listening room lesson is taking place tomorrow Tuesday 25th 12PM (noon) EST, New York time,

Once you have signed up (Join In- button on the classroom page) you will see all the info, as well you’ll be able to access all the material, and the zoom link. Every lesson will have their own thread, from where you can find all the info related to that specific lesson.

And yes, the lesson will be recorded, so no worries if you miss it, however you need to be signed up to the classroom to get access to the video.

I hope this helped,


Hi everyone :wave:

Tuomo and myself have been working on improving the classroom video layout. Check out the video below for a sneak peak into the new layout.

All classroom programs will now have a split screen layout with both the overhead piano shot and face camera in the same screen. We have a few other new additions too:

  • Classroom recordings will now only show the teacher and not the students/attendees. During the classroom you will be able to see and interact with the other students but the recording will just show the teacher and the overhead piano camera angle.

  • We can now pull in graphics such as chord charts and other useful diagrams.

  • Classroom listening sessions will include high quality audio - see the end of the video below for a demonstration.

These improvements will deliver a collaborative classroom experience during the session, and afterwards the archived version will more closely resemble the archived live seminar layout.

We are still testing, tweaking, and fine-tuning aspects of the classrooms so expect more little improvements to come over the coming weeks and months.


Hi Tuomo,

That’s great - many thanks