Related Jazz Standard Lessons 🎼

In this thread you can find related lessons on some of the most popular jazz standards. These lessons cover the form, harmony, and application of important jazz theory areas and arrangement techniques.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves is a popular tune for beginners. The harmony and form is based almost exclusively based around major and minor 251s which are the most common chord progressions found in jazz music. The following lessons cover Autumn Leaves in a variety of styles:

Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind is jazz standard made famous by the great Ray Charles. The tune is accessible to beginners and is often interpreted in a bluesy-gospel style. The following lessons cover the harmony of Georgia and also related lessons on the 8 Bar Blues form:

The A sections of Georgia are similar to the 8 bar blues form in F:


Misty is Errol Garner’s most popular composition. It’s an accessible tune for beginners and great for practicing spread voicings and a stride left hand style. The following lessons incorporate the tune Misty and apply a wide range of jazz theory and arrangement techniques:

The Nearness Of You

The Nearness Of You is a delightful jazz ballad which has been recorded extensively by jazz musicians and vocalists. The harmony of the tune is perfect for exploring chord alterations and tritone substitution as demonstrated in the lessons below:

In A Sentimental Mood

In A Sentimental Mood is one of Duke Ellington’s most famous compositions. It’s a great tune for practicing minor harmony, step-wise melody harmonisation, and the minor line cliche. Check out these lessons which cover the tune in different styles:


Any more of these any time soon?

Hi Hayden,

I was just wondering if you could make a quick list of jazz standards that would be perfect for specific techniques eg. minor 2-5-1s etc.

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I’d be interested in listings like that…

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@dora_funk Hi, I saw your post, and thought I could help!

The list of standards categorized based on different harmonic situations sounds great, we’ll definitely get on that! @Hayden what do you think?

Meanwhile, here’s a 2 tunes with minor 2-5-1s for you, including additional info/material!

What Is This Thing Called Love

What-Is-This-Thing-Called-Love-Lead-Sheet.pdf (39.4 KB)
What Is This Thing Transcription.pdf (42.6 KB)

And a tutorial for the song:

Denzil’s Best

Denzil’s Best Transcription.pdf (57.7 KB)
Denzil’s Best Analysis.pdf (318.5 KB)

Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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thanks so much - that’s really helpful. will get stuck in :))

Thanks for this suggestion @dora_funk - I think it is a great idea.

I have combined this into our thread on “related jazz standard lessons” so that we can create a index of lessons that cover the same tunes, and also an index of tunes which incorporate the same theory areas/harmonic situations.

Yes that sounds great Tuomo - perhaps we can start with the following harmonic situations:

  • Minor 251s
  • Mine Line Cliché
  • IV Minor

Just as some ideas for minor situations. I follow your judgement on where to take this initiative.

I have included the most referenced tunes above, but yes I’m sure there are some more. Leave it with me and I will go through the lessons and seminars.

@wendy and @dora_funk

On a related note we can search for a specific jazz standard or theory area directly in the website search box, and it will return all lessons pages where that keyword is mentioned. This is a great way to find related lessons.

For example:

Minor 251: You searched for minor 251 | (this returns 13 pages of results including theory lessons, practice drills, improvisation, and jazz standard studies)

Autumn Leaves: You searched for autumn leaves | (3 pages of results covering the tune in many different styles)

One thing I just realised is that the search does not include the live seminars. I will look into fixing that now :sunglasses:


thanks Hayden - that will be immensely helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you, Hayden this is very useful

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