Ravenscroft 275 iOS won’t work with Bluetooth headphones

Anyone have any thoughts why Ravenscroft 275 on iOS thru cubasis 2 works fine unless I use Apple ear buds or other Bluetooth speakers?

I have the iOS app and have used it occasionally in the past with wired headphones or speakers but I don’t recall using a DAW or DAC–I just connected USB from keyboard to iPad, and used audio out from iPad (implying on-board DAC). I can try again tonight and confirm.

That’s not a direct answer to your bluetooth question (I’ll try that tonight as well) but…in general, I think bluetooth latency will be problematic for any DAC, whether Mac/iOS internal or external.

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With my iPad pro and Ravenscroft 275 app, I run the USB chord from Midi keyboard directly to iPad, select USB Midi as input within Ravenscroft app settings, and it works “well” with the iPad speakers. “Well” meaning that there’s no latency, but of course the iPad speaker quality is not great. With bluetooth headphones (Bose) connected to the iPad, the sound quality is much better but the latency is enormous (close to 1 second) so it’s really not usable with bluetooth.

Hope this helps.


I could not figure out a way to reply to the thread about Ravenscroft. Thank you for your response. That helps. That means the problem is likely with Cubasis. Many thanks!