Quarter Note Pulls

Hello, @Hayden,

In the Jazz Piano Foundations course, How to Read Lead Sheets: “Georgia” lesson, you ask the student to “notice that I’m outlining the quarter note pulls” (time index 8:28).

I cannot find a definition for the term quarter note pulls. Should I assume this refers to the quarter note on the third and or fourth beat?


Ah yes I said “outline the quarter note pulse” - by which I’m referring to the 1-2-3-4 beats of each bar.

Feeling each quarter note helps to outline the pulse of the tune which is a precursor to the beginner stride piano lesson where we alternate the root with rootless voicings on each of the 4 beats of the bar.

This establishes a solid and steady groove in our left hand and as we see in the later lessons of the course it helps to ‘unlock’ the right hand to play fills and other melodic ornamentation and decoration.

Let me know if I can help further with this.

Thanks, @Hayden. My bad for misunderstanding the audio.

No problem Peter - it’s likely my accent at play too :grin:

Glad to clear this up. Once you move onto the stride piano lesson this should all make perfect sense.

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