Problem signing up for new beginner's foundation course

Tonight Hayden anounced new jazz foundation course for beginners will be starting soon.
The sign up repeatedly fails despite repeated spaced attempts

I think my sign up worked ok last night.

My 2nd day & still getting message site not responding. Is there another way I can sign in, I dont want to miss the course

This is the link I used and was able to register with no issues. See if it works for you.

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Thanks for interest.

It still didnt work. I was using Microsoft Edge (my default browser) each time. So decided to try Chrome & was succesful on first try!
Interesting ?

Perhaps useful info for someone

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Hi @howard1
ye thanks for sharing this type of info .

Hi @howard1 :wave:

I can confirm that your submission was successful via the registration form. I did see that you had registered 6 times, and another student registered twice, so perhaps there is an issue with the confirmation message.

Thanks for sharing the browsers that you are using… I will test and investigate.

For now you don’t need to do anything else, you have been registered and you will receive an email on Monday with the next steps.

Talk to you early next week!