Practicing Scales

Hello Community I’m AJ,
I am completely new to piano and music in general.
I don’t know how to read music yet so is there a recommended way or cheat cheat that shows all twelve scales and where to actually place my fingers?

Thank you for your time.


@ajotech , welcome to the Piano Groove Community!

Here’s a lead sheet with some of common keys in jazz, as well as the fingerings:

Common Jazz keys:fingerings.pdf (290.2 KB)

I took this sheet from the Foundations Classroom, which I would definitely recommend for you to sign up. There we go through the basics of music and piano, and prepare students for further studies. Here’s a link for you to learn more about the Foundations Class and the other classrooms:

All the best,

-Tuomo (Piano Groove teacher)

That is just perfect, thank you so much for your direction and reply Tuomo.


Happy to help!

Please feel free to sign up any time, we’re now in the middle of the Foundations class, so you can either jump in now, or wait until the new round of the class starts from the beginning.

Looking forward working together!