Practicing baião grooves

For any of you who listened to and enjoyed Jovino’s recent Live Seminar “Exploring Baião Grooves on Piano,” here’s a link that might interest you.

It’s a site that has backing tracks to help you with your study/practice. The tracks (around 15 minutes each) use the zabumba (drum), triangle, caxixi (another percussive instrument), and cowbell, simulating a live band. The tracks range from 60 to 105 bpm. (If you’re new to the rhythm, 60 or 65 bpm will seem pretty fast. :sunglasses:)

These tracks are far better than the simple tick-tock of the metronome, and they’re a lot more fun. Hearing the nuances of the actual instruments will better help you land the accents as you work with this groove.

You obviously can play them in YouTube and play along. You can also download them and then drag them into Logic Pro where with a simple click you can extract just the audio track into your project. It’s really that simple. Download the track, then drag it into Logic Pro. It will ask you if you want to load the video or just the audio track.

Here’s a brief example of an exercise with me using one of the tracks. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

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Awesome, thanks for sharing this Scott.

The light-up keyboard will be added to this seminar asap.

On a related note, there is a little delay with August’s seminar announcement email as Gmail recently stopped supporting background images in emails which completely broke our usual template :sweat_smile:.

I have created a new interim template whilst we fix/update the old one, and the August live event email should be sent out later today.

Nice groove! :star_struck: