Practice georgia on my mind

In which standards can I apply what I have learned in Georgia on my mind? What jazz standards are similar to practice?

The Nearness of You is pretty similar, especially since the PG arrangement is in F as is Georgias.

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Great idea!

Maybe another option is to play a bluessy stride style over Summertime to practice, even I think it’s not in F

Yeah definitely! Applying what you know in different keys is truly the best way to understand the concepts. All the best!

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Hi @nikogp :wave: - welcome to the community area!

Exactly as @jose2 mentions, “The Nearness Of You” is a great tune to apply the concepts you have learnt in the “Georgia on My Mind” course. The reason is that it’s also a slow ballad and the chord changes are very similar (1625 / 3625 progressions for bars 4 through 8). We also arrange both tunes in the same key (F major).

You might also like to check out this lesson from our Cocktail Piano Improv course where I show how we can take a piece of melodic material over “Misty” and then apply it to the tune “The Nearness Of You”:

We can apply the concepts over any tune that contains 1625 and 3625 progressions.

I have a lesson on a blues improvisation over “Jingle Bells” which is currently being edited and will also help you with your question. I will post an update here when it’s ready.