Piano versions of "Infant Eyes":

I’ve been at work on Cesar Camargo Mariano’s cover of Ary Barroso’s “Na Baixa do Sapateiro,” another Barroso tune, “Pra Machucar Meu Coração,” and Luis Bonfa’s “Manhã de Carnaval” for a while. Not sure why “Infant Eyes” caught my attention, but I’ve been sort of fixated on it since listening to Jovino’s Live Seminar “The Art of Ballad Performance.”

It’s really a horn-oriented tune, but here’s my Spotify playlist of piano versions.(Ok, track 4 focuses on voice and track 7 is a B-3 oriented take.) Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

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Thanks for sharing, @scott1!

One of my favorite Wayne Shorter tunes; I never get tired of listening to it. Tom Spruill has a beautiful solo interpretation of this on his YT channel; I learned it at one point and may have a partial transcription somewhere if you’re interested.