Piano scale finder book

Hi Gang

I used to have this little book;

I used it many years ago and it has a wonderful layout that shows which finger goes on which key as you learn your scales. Being able to see your fingering in this way greatly aids learning.

What I’ve found elsewhere is scales in standard music notation. Unfortunately, I can guess the scale by the sound faster than I can read it - so that not going to work

Before I buy it again, do you guys use anything similar that has illustrated fingering shown on the keyboard?



Hi Grant :wave:

Take a look over this site:


For each scale they provide a visual of the keyboard and also the fingerings for both right and left hand.

They cover:

  • major scales
  • minor scales (natural, melodic, and harmonic)
  • blues scales
  • major and minor pentatonic scales
  • bebop scales
  • the 7 modes of the major scale
  • the altered mode which is a mode of the melodic minor scale/jazz minor scale
  • and finally quite an impressive selection of “exotic scales”

Hope that helps!


Thanks Hayden, a useful site, notation could be clearer. I’ll give it a go. Cheers