Peri´s Scope transcription challenge by Cornelius

Peri´s Scope is another masterpiece of Bill Evans and my first attempt at transcribing his compositions. There is a very good seminar of Tuomo´s in Dec. 2023 covering a couple of famous tunes (Album Portrait´s of Jazz and others). Peri´s Scope was not mentioned but is my favourite – that´s why I chose it. On my transcription PDF the left-hand comping is played in a syncopated rhythm over most of the improvisation part.
Unfortunately, the quality of the recording (1959) was not suitable for a clear separation into different stems. Neither stemroller nor Moises AI (free version) delivered good results. This led to missing bass lines here and there in my rendition. I couldn´t find a remastered version of the tune which could have been helpful.

Peri`s_Scope_Transcription_CM.pdf (1.1 MB)



You’ve done a fine job with the transcription.

Your comment about not finding a clip of sufficient quality to pass it through Moises led me to look to see if I could come up with something. This may not be of use, but here’s a version (granted it’s a transcription itself).

In searching, I also came across an AI version of the tune and then a clip titled “Bill A.I. Evans.” The tune is okay, but the latter clearly shows that AI’s not ready for prime time yet. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

Thanks for sharing your transcription and play-a-long @cornelius.moser - very nicely done and congrats on another sizeable transcription project!

Yes the recording quality on older recordings can make transcription more challenging, from my experience at least. It seems the same is true for stem separation.

None-the-less, your play-a-long sounds great.

I will create a new section in the forum - “Share Your Transcriptions” - or something similar so that we have a dedicated place to post and share this kind of stuff.

I’ve been working on some medium tempo transcriptions this year and so I will share them in the new section.

I’m almost finished transcribing Hank Jones solo on “Autumn Leaves” (Cannonball Adderley’s Somethin’ Else album) and after I plan to transcribe Bill Evans’ solo on Autumn Leaves (Portrait in Jazz album).

It’s been a while since I tried to transcribe Bill Evans and so it will be interesting to see how my ears and listening/transcription skills have developed since the last time I tried transcribing his solos. It’s a process after all!

Hey guys, thanks to Hayden for revealing your plans of a new transcription section in the forum. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks to Scott for your AI-supplement on Bill Evans style. It was very funny .

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