On the Live Seminar "Brazilian Tunes For Beginners"

In his latest seminar, Jovino mentioned a video of his recording “Aihê” with João Donato. If you’re like me, you missed the live session. So here’s the link he mentions that so far hasn’t posted to the PianoGroove website:

He also mentions a version of “Folhas Secas” by Elis Regina. My favorite is an intimate look at her and Cesar Camargo Mariano playing together during the closing moments of a televised practice session. Here is that version, followed by the album version. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

Ole Jovino,
Would you consider doing a live seminar on more of João Donato’s simple but beautiful tunes. He has the reputation of being “the genius of simple beautiful Brazilian melodies.” If “Ahie” is any indication of his other compositions, he should have a nice collection of wonderful pieces that could be performed as a medley. Also, it would be really terrific if you would do an upload of your solo piano version of “Ahie” on YouTube. It is a charming piece and would be a great addition to YouTube.
Many thanks,