November Live Events 🍿 Topics & Add To Calendar

Hi PianoGroovers :wave:

This month we have 4 live seminars, a vocal Zoom workshop, and a new foundations classroom. Check out the topics below and add the events of interest to your calendars.

To make sure you know exactly when the seminars are starting:

  • Add the event to your calendar app to see the start time on your timezone
  • You will be notified 1 hour before the seminar starts
  • Tune in 5 minutes before to join the live chat and say hi to the teacher/host
  • The countdown is always on your timezone

Friday 5th November @ 12pm EST - Minor Harmony For Beginners w/ Hayden

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Monday 8th November - Foundations Bootcamp w/ Tuomo (duration approx 4 weeks)

Visit the Classroom section and click “Join Classroom” on the Foundations Bootcamp. This classroom program will last for approximately 4 weeks. The lessons cover the foundations of jazz piano so that all participants have a clear path of progression on their jazz piano journey.

Wednesday 10th November @ 12pm EST - Chord Substitution & Reharms w/ Jovino

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Friday 12th November @ 11am EST - Vocal Accompaniment Workshop w/ Lyndol

In this workshop we use the tune “Beautiful Love” to create a discussion on the ‘3 Prong Approach to Analyzation’ - Scales, Chords, Melody.

Attendees can optionally perform a song; “Beautiful Love” or any song they are working on. If you are an accompanist, you can play along to one of the Accompaniment Challenges.

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Friday 19th November @ 12pm EST - Beegie Adair “My Foolish Heart” w/ Hayden

Find the recording, PDF downloads, and seminar homework here.

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Wednesday 24th November @ 12pm EST - Brazilian Tune Workshop w/ Jovino

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If anyone has any suggestions for upcoming seminar topics… don’t hesitate to let me know and we will honour all topic and tune request where possible.

See you in the live events! :popcorn: :sunglasses: