Notating 6/8. 12/8 time in jazz

I recently wrote up a jazz lead sheet for “What a wonderful world” for my trio. When I listen to Louis Armstrong’s recording it’s obviously (to my ear) 6/8. And I tried to make up a lead sheet in 6/8 but it looked weird. So I googled sample lead sheets for the tune and they are almost all in 4/4. I know that in swing eighth notes are played as triplets. For 4/4 to turn into 12/8 I think quarter notes must be seen as triplets.
Here’s my lead sheet:
What_a_wonderful_World.pdf (35.8 KB)
Here’s the thing. What’s written on the lead sheet isn’t what I’m hearing in my head, but to make it what I’m hearing in my head makes the lead sheet far more complicated. Does it matter? Would this matter to the drummer in the group because it’s in 4/4 (actually I hear 2/4) rather than 6/8?
the Ireal Pro version is also 4/4

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Hi @George_Miller ,

Your lead sheet is fine, only thing you can add (if you want the 6/8 feel) is a text into the top left side that says something like:

“Ballad 6/8 feel”

keep us posted how it turned out!


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Thanks Tuomo. I’ll add the text at the top. Maybe I’m just overthinking it. We’re playing tomorrow so we’ll see how it turns out.