New Stride Piano Course: Nearness Of You

Hey everyone :wave:

The last couple of months I have been working on a new course on slow stride piano. The course covers stride piano drills for beginners, techniques for harmonising and reharmonising the melody, ideas for adding fills and runs, and finally a module on improvisation ideas and concepts.

The whole course focuses on the tune “The Nearness Of You”. I created an updated arrangement which can be found in my recent JAM seminar here:

We have added the in-video notation and blue highlights for the whole stream so that it’s to review the material.

The new course expands upon this seminar and it’s due to launch in the next week or so. I have scheduled my next seminar for the 10th May which will coincide with the new course launch. Here’s the seminar URL with the ‘add to calendar’ button:

Hope to see you there!


Excellent. Nice work Hayden. Really looking forward to this. PianoGroove has done so much for my playing.


Hi everyone :wave:

I have published the first draft of my new course here:

The improvisation module is currently being edited and those lessons will be added early next week.

The PDF downloads are also in production and they will include time stamps similar to my other recent courses so that you can reference the exact points in the video for each notation example.

I hope you enjoy the lessons and more updates to follow.


Wow. Looks great! Lots of material to work though.

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