New 'Slow 12 Bar Blues' Course - Ideas Welcome

HI guys,

I hope everyone is enjoying the Boogie Woogie Course with our new teacher Steve.

I have a recording session booked in with Steve sometime late October/Early November.

We are going to do a Slow Blues Piano Course incorporating the following

  • very simple left-hand shuffle patterns
  • simple walking bass lines
  • hand independence drills and exercises
  • licks and riffs
  • ‘barrelhouse’ licks
  • turnarounds, endings, & intros

Anyone have any other ideas?

I’m sure Steve and myself can come up with an awesome course structure, but perhaps there’s something specific you’d like to learn with relation to the blues.

Just let us know.


It’s always helpful to post videos/recordings by the way.

If there’s a particular blues performance/recording you like… post it and we will show you how to play like that.


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It might be nice to talk about the influence of gospel music on blues. Especially with slow blues, it seems that there can be strong gospel influences with certain grooves and progressions.

Great idea Michael… I will pass your suggestions onto Steve, our blues/boogie-woogie teacher who is planning this course.

We have 2 recording dates scheduled next month - 22nd and 24th of June - so perfect timing for me to feed this information into Steve whilst he plans the lessons.

In the interim, if you’re interested in the gospel sound, check out these 2 tutorials on the tune “Georgia On My Mind”:


Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions :+1:

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Thanks Hayden for making the lessons on “Georgia on My Mind.” :white_check_mark: If you’re still looking for suggestions, as you mentioned some time ago at the head of this thread, maybe you might consider “Mo’ Better Blues.” It’s short and sweet. Here’s a version by Jacky Terrasson.