New Lessons/Course from Lyndol

Hi Vocal Enthusiasts!

We have added a new course page “Learn To Sing & Play With Lyndol”.

This course has been added to our “Intermediate Jazz Piano Lessons” and you can find the new course page here:

We have rehoused some of the lessons from the 1st vocal accompaniment course as they are better suited to the theme of Lyndol’s second course. This second course extends past the basics of vocal accompaniment, and guides students on more advanced vocal accompaniment styles and techniques.

You can find 4 new lessons in this course, with more to come shortly. These lessons were recorded months ago and I finally got around to editing and uploading them!!

We have so much new content to edit and upload with our growing teaching team, and I’m still trying to figure out how to edit and publish it at scale… I will get there! :sweat_smile:

Anyhow, here’s the new lessons in the course:

“Dream A Little Dream” - Triad Arrangement:

Most people know and recognise “Dream A Little Dream”. It’s so delightful in its melody and lyrics. In this lesson we will jump straight in and get familiar with it’s melody, form and harmony.

“Dream A Little Dream” - 7th Chords & Fills

In part 2 we work on our 7th chords and talk about simple ways to make this tune jazzier.

“Georgia On My Mind” - Triad Arrangement

As requested by a PianoGroove student we are going to approach this tune as an accompanying pianist to a singer, or as a singing pianist.

For this arrangement, Lyndol has melded an old version she’s been playing from for years, with the PianoGroove chart from the solo jazz piano lesson on this tune.

“Georgia On My Mind” Advanced Arrangement

In part 2 we introduce 7th chords, and give a mind to a full vocal arrangement:

More lessons to come…

To complete this course, Lyndol will be covering the following tunes: “I Love You For Sentimental Reasons” and the infamous “My Funny Valentine”

To some of our vocal enthusiasts - @natasha0412 @scott32627 @michael48889 @neil333855 @joel1058713 @LoriNelson - we hope you enjoy the new lessons above and thanks for all of your feedback and suggestions to grow and develop our vocal accompaniment section.

Last but certainly not least, a special thanks to @Lyndol for all of these brilliantly planned lessons, and for sharing your expert skills and passions for us all to learn from.

Many thanks @Hayden and @Lyndol for these fantastic lessons. More than a lifetime’s learning here ! Cheers :star_struck:


Oh my gosh, you are so welcome Natasha. My pleasure. I’m so thankful to share my love of music with you. Should you feel too overwhelmed, please reach out. I can help you break things down into manageable chunks to practice. As long as you don’t give up, it will all come together beautifully at some point and you’ll find it became easy for you. Happy Practicing. PS - And thank you Hayden, for the brilliant editing!

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