New Jobim Requests

Hello Hayden and Jovino,

Would you consider doing Amor Em Paz and/or Dindi by Jobim in the future? I have a laundry list of beautiful Bossa Nova songs that I am either working on or would love to learn.

Thank you for you responses. So often one can never find a live breathing human behind the online site.

I so appreciate what you both present.

Hi @noreen :wave:

Thanks for these suggestions.

Jovino covered “Dindi” last year, you can find that tune in the seminar below, the chapters still need to be added, but “Dindi” is the first song that Jovino covers:

I will add “Amor Em Paz” to the upcoming lesson schedule - great tune. I think it may have already been covered, but maybe I’m mistaken, I will take a look through the seminars and lessons today and let you know if I can find it :grinning:

Also we have edited the lesson on “Fotografia”, I will create the lesson page when I get a second, and find the video below with the notation and blue highlights:

We will do the same with the second half of the seminar on “All that’s left is to say goodbye” and also create the transcriptions as you requested :sunglasses: