New Course: Jazz Piano Legends Series

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We have a new course by Tuomo on '‘The Jazz Piano Legends’.

In this course we analyse the playing styles of 7 of the most influential jazz pianists of all time:

  • Bill Evans
  • Bud Powell
  • Wynton Kelly
  • McCoy Tyner
  • Thelonious Monk
  • Oscar Peterson
  • Herbie Hancock

The lessons cover a wide range of different topics from voicings, to improvisation, to comping, and provide a background into exactly what made these musicians so widely acclaimed.

Each lesson focuses on the unique style and nuances of the player, and how they contributed to the development of jazz music.

Here’s the course preview video:

Here’s the full course page:

Here’s the individual lessons:

@Guillaume - check out the lesson on Wynton Kelly where we cover a section of his solo over “Phrancing” - I know you have been working on that tune so it will be nice for you to compare your transcription.

@william1110321 - you can find the lessons above on Thelonious Monk & Bud Powell as requested. The former video has a focus on Monk’s comping style and voicing techniques, the latter is more of an improvisation-focused study which explores Powell’s use of bebop vocabulary.]

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Can’t wait to check out wynton kelly’s lesson, and Bill Evans !


Edit: I’ve checked the Bill Evans lesson… there’s so much to work on !!! :sweat_smile::scream::woozy_face:


I just love these!!! I need to contain myself haha :smiley: These are SUPER! Huge Thanks!