New Course: Intro To The Chicago Blues

Hi all,

It’s been a busy week recording with our Seattle-based teachers and we have lots of great new content in the pipeline.

Our blues/boogie-woogie expert Steve has recorded a wonderful course on “Chicago Blues” style which focuses on left hand shuffle patterns and hand independence.

Here’s the introduction lesson for the course:

The course contains the following 7 lessons:

  • Lesson 1 - History Of Blues/Course Intro (above)
  • Lesson 2 - The Harmonic & Rhythmic Structure Of The Blues
  • Lesson 3 - Left Hand Shuffle Patterns
  • Lesson 4 - Chord, Comping Rhythms, & Hand Independence
  • Lesson 5 - Barrelhouse Licks & Riffs
  • Lesson 6 - Fast Blues “Spann’s Stomp”
  • Lesson 7 - Slow Blues “Trouble In Mind”

Our key goal with this course is to help our students with hand independence.

The left hand shuffle patterns and basslines found in Chicago Blues are an accessible and fun way to develop our hand independence.

Steve demonstrates how to set a steady rhythm in the left hand using simple shuffle patterns and then develop our hand independence through right hand comping, licks and improv, and Steve even throws in a few bluesy vocals here and there :microphone: :musical_keyboard: :sunglasses:

Pay attention to the above video where Steve shares some wisdom on the importance of listening and transcribing, and how this is essential to develop our own sound, and our own style. Very important for all of us!

This new course will be a nice addition to our syllabus and I think it will give students a nice ‘stepping stone’ to progress into Steve’s more advanced Boogie Woogie materials.

More to be announced on this soon. Cheers!


Wonderful Hayden.
Looking forward for these tutorial. :musical_keyboard::grinning::star::star_struck:

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Hi everyone :wave:

The majority of Steve’s course on Chicago Blues has been published in our Blues Section.

Here’s the course page:

The individual lessons are:

We have 3 more lessons in the editing stage for this course but I decided it made sense to publish the current 5 lessons for us all to study.

This slow Chicago Blues is a wonderful style to develop our hand independence skills.

We have also designed this course as a ‘stepping stone’ into Steve’s more advanced Boogie Woogie course.

The left hand patterns found in Chicago Blues are generally easier to play from a technical standpoint and lead on nicely into the more advanced basslines found in Boogie Woogie.

I’ll update this thread as the final 3 lessons are published.

Enjoy the course! :sunglasses:

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Hayden, you’re chock full of good news today. :sunglasses:

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I love the blues. It’s hands down my favourite style of piano music. I can’t wait to study these lessons.

That’s awesome Emma. We’ve had some great feedback on the course from our students so I’m sure you will love it.

The course was very well planned and delivered by Steve to provide a step-by-step method to get into the groove of the Chicago Blues :sunglasses:

For any students wanting to work on their hand independence, groove, and swing feel, this is the kind of style to be working on each day.

Hey all :wave:

The final 3 lessons in our Chicago Blues Course have now been published:

Lesson 7: Intros, Endings, & Turnarounds:

Lessson 8: Fast Blues In C - “Spann’s Stomp”:

Lesson 9: Slow Blues In G - “Trouble In Mind”

Lesson Notation & Downloads:

In addition to the downloads already available, here are 3 more:

Steve has done a wonderful job breaking down the Chicago Blues style into an accessible course for all levels of players.

Any questions with the material just let us know and enjoy getting into the groove of the Chicago Blues! :sunglasses:


Can’t wait to get into this!!

Hi Hayden,

I don’t see a location to specifically ask questions about the lessons. I mean, I am working through this course but need a point of clarification. Where should I as this question where I know the instructor will see it and answer?



Hi @von :wave:t2:

Welcome to the PianoGroove community.

We have 2 options for asking questions:

1) The Lesson Page Comment Section

We can ask questions in the “Comments” section of every lesson page. When a comment is posted on a lesson page I am notified via email and all questions are answered:

You can often find common Q&As in the lesson page comments, and so it can be nice to peruse that section of the lesson page whilst watching the lessons.

2) The “Jazz Theory Questions” Forum Category

You can also ask questions here in the forum which opens up the discussion with our other students and teachers.

We have a specific forum category for theory questions here:

You can also use this search box to search the forum as it could be that there are already threads and discussions on the topic in question:

I’d recommend first searching for your question, and if you can’t find any relevant threads, you can start a new thread by clicking this link here:

Hope this helps and any further questions let us know.


Wow. Hayden - That’s really COOL! This will be a ton of fun! Thanks so much!!! :blush:

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