New Course: Advanced Improvisation Concepts

Hey all!

I’m pleased to announce our latest course on “Advanced Improvisation Concepts” taught by Tuomo Uusitalo:

Tuomo is one of the most talented musicians I have ever met and I’m very happy to have him onboard as a PianoGroove teacher.

His first course teaches a logical and methodical way to learn to improvise. The great thing about this course, is that you can use the melody that Tuomo outlines, or you can use your own 251 melodies that you have transcribed.

Check out the course overview here:

And here’s the full course page:

Tuomo is working on his first jazz standard lessons where he can develop and build upon these concepts. Tuomo has picked 5 tunes that have been requested by students:

  • On Green Dolphin Street

  • Everytime We Say Goodbye

  • Emily

  • You Must Believe In Spring

  • Naima

Enjoy the new course and let us know your feedback :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Thank you for having me onboard, I had a great time making my first course, hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here in the forum, or contact me personally. Stay tuned for more music!



Thanks for the intro Tuomo… and welcome to the PianoGroove community!

Awesome. Didn’t know we had a new instructor. Thanks for keeping this thing going and growing. This family has changed me and I am currently working on standard #10. Thanks for all you do and welcome Tuomo to the fam!


thanks god .that what we need .thank you very much.