New 5 Minute Masterclasses by Tuomo

Hi everyone :wave:

We have 6 new 5-minute masterclass lessons by Tuomo covering a selection of topics and theory areas. These have been in the editing pipeline for some time and are finally published. Thanks for your patience if you have been waiting on these!

Here are the 6 new lessons:

Improvisation Related Lessons

Harmony Related Lessons

We Now Have 2 Masterclass Courses

I have now divided Tuomo’s 5-minutes masterclass course into 2 courses, the first houses improvisation-related lessons, and the second houses harmony-related lessons.

The original course was 30 lessons strong, and so now we have 2 courses containing 13 and 17 lessons respectively to make the topics a little easier to navigate. Check them out here:

Thanks @Tuomo for planning and recording all of these great theory lessons :sunglasses: :+1: