My take on Jobim's "Dindi."

Here’s a version that’s a work in progress. Sort of rubato and rough in parts. I’m using a Roland RD-2000 with the VSL D-274 Steinway digital piano. Just thought I’d share. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


Hello Scott,
Thanks for sharing your version of “Dindi”. I really enjoyed it. Your voicings sound lush and full. The rhythmic feel is subtle, but it works well for this tune. I would encourage you to extend it a bit, adding some more improvised lines.
Nice sounds!
Take care,

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I’m glad you enjoyed this version. Thanks for taking the time to listen and for your suggestions and words of encouragement. I’ll definitely keep working on it

I would have responded sooner, but after posting the tune, I left for Málaga, Spain to spend a couple of weeks with family who live there. We just got back today.

Thanks again. :musical_keyboard:

Loved it Scott , very inspiring and mysterious :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing Scott. Just beautiful! I enjoyed the richness of your chords and the spaces in between kept me leaning in. The ending hint of notes were subtle. Well done!

I love how you worked on the dynamics for this piece @scott1 - you did set the mood right away. Very tasteful - beautifully played! :star_struck:

I love this song and you did a beautiful job with the chord voicings and melodic transitions between chords. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks ariel, maria3, Kristeta, and sarah-berry9 for your kind words. They’re much appreciated. :musical_keyboard: