My interpretation of Jovino's "Sertao Alagonao"

Hello PianoGroove Friends,

Here’s my humble and eager way to express this beautiful song written by Hermeto Pascoal. I sat in on Jovino Santos and Mike Marshall’s “Listen In” session, which was such a great learning experience. They discussed the making of the album “Serenata”. I’m in awe of this deceptively simple and haunting song.

It’s hard to come close or even compare my playing abilities to the Great Jovino! I’m a feelings player, trying to learn more about chord structure. Our Piano Groove Community is helping me dive deeper into the awareness of voicings, harmornies, and structure. I trust this will be received in our atmosphere of continued musical growth.

Thanks for listening!



What a fine take on this beautiful tune. Serenata is one of my favorites of Jovino’s albums. And it’s definitely a treasure trove for you guys. Thanks for sharing. Please continue to do so.

You mentioned a listening session. Where might I find that?

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.
The "Listen In " was found through an email from Mike Marshall. I know Jovino also has “Listen In” sessions he offers through his website. If you get on his email list he will send you current info.

  • Maria

Hello Scott,
You can access the listening session that Maria referred to here: Listen In - Serenata - jovino santos neto
There are several others available, and they can be accessed here: lessons - jovino santos neto
Just click on the “lessons” tab to see what’s available.

Very nice, Maria!
You sound very nice, great work!
Keep on doing this…
Take care,

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Thanks for the link, Jovino!

Thank you Master Jovino!
I will continue my learnings with Piano Groove. I enjoy your teachings so much. You have been a big inspiration to me.

Thank you,

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