Music room --- where do you thrive 🎼🎶🎵

I love dedicating a space for music. I RARELY formally entertain/dine … so why is this big table in the middle of the room with my piano squeezed in the back corner? No more!! Here is the “music room” with a dining table in the back corner.

Of course Silver Sam the Handsome Man believes it was arranged for his benefit…


Lori that’s a beautiful place to study and indulge in the piano and it makes me happy to see the PianoGroove scores on your music ledger!

I see you play the Uke… have you seen this video? Extraordinary talent.

Loving the cat on top too :wink:

It’s funny, a while ago I was thinking that it would be nice for people to share their setup, acoustic, electronic or whatever. So maybe students could discuss the best instruments to buy, for example if some one was looking for a new keyboard.

Mine is constantly changing because I travel around a fair amount. I’m looking forward to getting a dedicated music room when I buy a house.

But here’s some shots of my work environments:

My Roland RD 700 NX in Manchester … I love this keyboard, it has such a delicate touch and the matte effect on the black keys is very nice.

Another Roland RD that I used in Seattle for a few months:

And one day… If I can find a house with a room big enough to fit in this beautiful instrument the steinway model D: Concert Grand Piano - Model D | Steinway & Sons - Steinway & Sons . The sound is so beautifully rich and warm, unlike any other piano I have played.


My wife and I are still getting settled into our new house here in Prescott Arizona, but here is a picture of the “man cave” with a beautiful view of Thumb Butte…

And my piano…

Kawai VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller
Windows PC with 6 processor core, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, Essence STX II High-Fidelity Audio Card with Headphone Amp/DAC
Sennheiser MX 365 Earphones
Kontakt 5 with Acoustic Samples Kawai EX Pro
Pro Membership to :slight_smile:

This is a piano I owned when we lived in Texas. It’s a Bosendorfer Imperial Grand. Sold it shortly after we moved out here to Arizona because we didn’t really have the space for it, and people kept expecting me to know how to play it. :slight_smile:

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The “man cave” looks great Mark… that view must be awesome for inspiration!

I always love to have my keyboard close to a window, ideally with a very spacious view like you have there, but that isn’t always possible.

This is where I’m currently working:

I prefer your “man cave” :slight_smile:

That’s a great set up you have there with the computer mounted on the wall… I bet that’s really nice to work with iRealPro… as you can see with my setup, the laptop is on my side and so I have to bend to stop/start, change tune etc… which can be a pain. If the screen is in front of you, it would be easier to check where you are in the form too.

But try not to look at the screen religiously, you want to be ‘feeling the form’ and maybe occasionally glance to make sure you are where you thought you are if that makes sense.

And wow! Your Bosendorfer is impressive! I played on one in Manchester a few years back… in a really nice store called “Forsyths” on Deansgate - the second floor is the piano show room and they always have a great selection of grand pianos… I usually pop inside when i’m passing to play a few songs.

:smiley: I can see why people would expect that… it extends an extra octave or so in the bass register and it’s a true concert piano!



Wow! This thread inspires me big time - beautiful instruments and lovely music workstations you all have! :smile:

here’s a quick tour of my small music space … :smile: