Modulating from one song to another

Hello all,

I’ve been learning the Christmas song and have already learnt winter wonderland And have yourself a merry little Xmas which are both in Key of Bb. Does anyone have a tip for modulating from Bb into the key of Cmajor linking me into the Christmas song I just think this is easier rather than learning the whole song again in a different key.

Appreciate your suggestions or examples if you can show.

Many thanks



Check.out this transposition video from Lyndol

Pretty good video as it encourages the understanding of the harmony in relation to the tonic. Hopefully this is what you’re looking for. Cheers! :grin:

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Hi @karl1 ,

easy way to modulate is for example to use the “turnaround” of the new key in the last bars of the previous key.

“Turnaround” is a short chord progression, where we have usually I VI(7) II V, that creates nice movement before returning to the top of the song. Here’s a tutorial that explains it more thorough:

starting at 1:16:

So, in your situation, this is what could happen in the last 2 bars of the Bb major tune, just before moving to C major:

I hope this helped, let me known if you have any further questions!



Many thanks Tuomo. That’s really helped. Definitely what I’m looking for to fit what I was after.

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