Modern musicians that inspire me

I do enjoy all the greats from the past especially when studying but I probably listen to modern artists more often in my daily life. These are some of the wonderful musicians I currently have on rotation most often:


@Aaron_R, thanks for these suggestions and the thread!

I was familiar with Glasper, Mehldau, and Clayton but not the others, so appreciate the introduction to new artists.

Coincidentally (actually I guess it’s not really a coincidence), Glasper, Mehldau, and Clayton all made the very subjective list of Adam Maness and Peter Martin on their podcast. They’re running a series now on “great pianists from generation x, generation y, etc”, and I’ve really enjoyed being introduced to new (for me) musicians through those episodes. They put Glasper and Mehldau into Gen X but Clayton into the Gen Y (millennial) role, but in my opinion, the Gen X vs. Gen Y distinction is completely unrelated to genre, style, medium, etc. The same can’t be said for Gen Z, though!


Very cool! I will check out that podcast, thanks.