Moanin as a new song

Did you ever get around to adding Moanin as a possible lesson? Could a nice one to learn some improvision over. Thanks for all you do.


Hey Adam,

Currently, we don’t have a tutorial on this tune but it’s certainly something we can add.

I will be bringing more blues tutors onboard to strengthen this area of PianoGroove. This tune has been requested before so I’ll make sure it’s covered.

Leave it with me! :slight_smile:


any news about this song?

Hi Michele,

This has slipped off my radar!

For the next blues course I will make sure it is included as it’s a great tune and one we must cover.

Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:


Wonderful! So, I look forward to watch the lessons of the whole new Blues Course!!! When will it starts? :smiley:

I will speak with our teaching team and find the best teacher to do the lesson on “Moanin”.

I’m unsure on when the next blues course will be right now, but we are continually adding new lessons to the blues section.

A transcription tutorial on Wynton Kelly’s “Sassy” is available here:

and part 2 is finished and I will upload to the website shortly. Part 2 covers the next 24 bars of his solo.

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Ok, I saw it and I saw also the Straight No Chaser Tutorial. By the way, It should be interesting to have a tutorial on “how to play” this kind of songs with no track and rootless voicings, but in piano solo mode.
Often when I play these songs ( without tracks) they seems incomplete. What do you think about it?


I think this is a great idea Michelle.

Solo blues piano isn’t a style I play but I’m sure Steve - our blues teacher - could put together a nice course on this.

The style I teach is more ‘jazz blues’ which you would play with a bass player and drummer, and so yes I agree it does sound incomplete without the backing track.

Walking bass is always a good thing to experiment with Michelle, check out this lesson by Tuomo on 12 Bar Blues Walking Bass:

I will also ensure more solo piano blues tutorials are added to our upcoming lesson schedule :+1:

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Ok, thanks! Obviously I meant solo piano “Jazz” Blues :wink:

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