Minor7 to Minor-Major7 to Minor7 Reharm?

Hi, I’ve seen several tunes where the progression goes from a minor seventh, to a major minor seventh, back to the minor seventh again. My Funny Valentine is a good example. So is My Way, shown here:

What reharmonization/substitution options exist in these scenarios (melody permitting)?

I’m wondering what type of inner voicings or approach chords are possible (if any) in these situations.


Hi @nickedwards :wave: - great questions here.

There are many different ways to play over this progression which is also known as “The Minor Line Cliché”.

A great tune for studying and harmonising this progression is “In A Sentimental Mood” which contains the minor line cliché twice in the first 4 bars:

My first recommendation would be to experiment with the inner voice at the top of the voicing, at the bottom of the voicing, and inside the voicing. Check out chapter 4 of this seminar - “the minor line cliché” - where I demonstrate these options for “In A Sentimental Mood”

We also covered this tune in a seminar on “How To Play Like Eddie Higgins” where I share some more advanced ways that Eddie Higgins voices this progression, check that out here:

That will give you an idea of some of the options available to you :sunglasses: