Major pentatonic pdf & practice guide

Hello, I once printed off the Major Pentatonic ,with it’s relative minor, scale in all 12 keys, I think(?) it was in the Fundamentals course. Can’t locate it there or anywhere now, would be very grateful to anyone who can help locate it for me ? thanks very much.

@niall - apologies for the late reply here - this question slipped past my attention.

Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales Notation

I have tracked down those 2 PDFs and compressed them to make the easier to share and download. Here they are:

Whilst pentatonic scale improvisation is not a key area of interest for me, I did create a lesson on pentatonic scale improv a few years ago. In the lesson I show examples over common progressions and how we can choose different pentatonic scales to outline specific colours and alterations, you can find that lesson here:

I also created a “pentatonic scale cheat sheet” which you can find here:

Also, a related area of study is ‘pentatonic chord voicings’ where we split the notes of the pentatonic scale between 2 hands, and then invert the notes to create 5 quartal-esque voicings, one of them being the “so what voicing”, you can find that lesson here:

This is a really interesting area of study and these quartal voicings work beautifully in a comping setting.

I hope that helps!


Thank you for all you’re Help Hayden, really appreciated!