Logic Pro 11: Chord Track

Chord Track is an interesting new feature in Logic Pro 11. According to the author of the video, it’s

an incredible tool for music composition and arrangement; and it’s also a super helpful educational tool to learn about music theory and building chord progressions. The session bass player and keyboard player tracks work in tandem with the chord track to give you immediate results!

Besides being fun to play with, I think it might be useful in creating backing tracks for improvisation exercises. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

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I found the new piano sounds to be very nice for my practice piano. I have a Yamaha p125 which doesn’t have the best piano sounds. Well, it’s tolerable but you can hear the sounds looping when sustaining for more than a few seconds. The new logic piano sounds very good. Unfortunately for jazz logic offers very little. There is a great jazz drums library for superior drummer that I use for drums. Nothing really automatic for jazz bass that I’ve found, but I would rather program my jazz bass anyway to practice my left hand walking bass patterns