Live Seminars & Masterclasses w/ Jovino 🇧🇷

Hi PianoGroovers :wave:

Starting early September, @Jovino will be doing a monthly live event on PianoGroove.

The live event topics will cover harmony, improvisation, rhythm, technique, composition, and listening. I have created a poll below with the topic areas and more information on these at the bottom of the thread.

Jovino’s first live event is scheduled for 9th September at 9AM PST.

Live Stream Topic Poll

Here are the broad topic areas for Jovino’s live events.

Based on the responses we will then schedule some more specific event titles. Check out the full descriptions below the poll and cast your votes here (max 3 votes per person)

  • Brazilian Rhythmic Patterns & Variations
  • Beyond Scales and Modes
  • The Piano Today - Modern Voicings
  • Brazilian Music History
  • The Rhythm Section
  • Composition - Tools For Composers
  • Listen In - Guided Audio Tours

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Brazilian rhythmic patterns and their possibilities for variation

For all musicians. An extensive presentation and musical analysis of several rhythms from Brazil, including samba , baião, maracatu, frevo and many more. Examples are taken from recordings and also from live playing by Jovino. Suggestions on how to adapt these musical ideas for any instrument are also given.

Beyond scales and modes: a new approach to improvisation

For all melodic and harmonic instruments. An alternative to the traditional, scale-oriented approach to improvisation in contemporary music. Using a concept originated by Jovino’s musical mentor, Hermeto Pascoal , participants are shown how to employ simple triad-based motives to create elaborate and harmonically sophisticated melodies, taking full advantage of the harmonic potential of each chord. This discovery usually brings an enormous sense of musical freedom with it, allowing one to think simply while performing complex musical ideas.

The Piano Today

For pianists and keyboardists. A strong emphasis is placed on modern voicings for a wide variety of chords, the use of contemporary and traditional rhythms of the world in accompaniment and soloing. Several examples are drawn from recent pieces by some of today’s most creative composers.

Brazilian Music History

For all who like Brazilian music and would like to know more about its origins and developments. 500 years of history in a lecture with lots of recorded music samples presented in an easy to understand, conversational manner.

Coming together: The Rhythm Section as a cooking pot

Developing mutual trust and freedom in a group context - For all rhythm section players. Participants are shown how to develop mutual trust and freedom in a collective musical context. How to think as an arranger in a group, how to comp effectively, the creative use of cues and many more items will be discussed by Jovino in this workshop.

Catching the lizard by the tail

Developing reflexes as tools for composition. For all composers. Participants will learn about ways to draw inspiration from many situations, and how to develop their reflexes as composers, catching ideas as they first appear. Jovino will demonstrate how the creative process occurs, using examples from existing pieces, and often composing new music on the spot.

Listen In - Guided Audio Tours

For all levels. One hour spent on a guided audio tour, listening to music of all colors from many places. In a group discussion after each piece, we bring forward ideas about the basic elements of music, and how they are perceived by musicians and non-musicians. A useful tool in the development of the musical ear.

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Hello, Jovino Santos Neto here. I am looking forward to seeing you on September 9. I am excited to share some music and to answer your questions on this live event. See you then!


AWEsome! :heart:These are all going to be SUPER EXCITING :star_struck:
Thanks so much for the wonderful updates!

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Jovino’s live session on Wednesday 9th September.

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

Click below to register for Jovino’s live session on Wednesday 9th September.

Submit Your Improvisation Related Questions

This live session will cover “Beyond scales and modes: a new approach to improvisation” - as voted for in the poll.

Click the link above to submit your improvisation-related questions to be covered by Jovino in the session. If you cannot make the session due to time zones, you can still submit your questions and watch the archived version of the event.

This Event Will Take Place At:

  • 9AM PST

  • 12PM EST

  • 5PM BST

  • 6PM CET

  • 1AM JST

  • 2AM AEST

Upcoming live events will be scheduled at a selection of times to accommodate for our students on all time zones. Cheers.

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Looking forward to it! :heart:
have now registered and submitted my questions! Yipeee. :blush:
Thank you!

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Such an AMAZING lesson! did put my alarm clock on :grin: Cannot wait to re-watch everything in the archive section, please! Thanks so much, Hayden! the Live lessons are soooo worth our time :heart_eyes:


Thanks Kristeta :wave:

I’m glad you enjoyed the session!

Whilst we are building the archive pages, you can rewatch the session on the original URL:

The new LIVE section of the website is coming along nicely and as soon as it’s finished all of the previous live sessions will be archived with chapters, commenting, and downloads.

Here’s a preview of the archive page design:

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Esta é uma masterclass maravilhosa. Thanks so much!

Re playing in a natural, organic, multi-dimensional way-- I love this moment (along with many moments) at 37:35 “You’re no longer a train. Now you’re a helicopter – or a hummingbird… Or even better think of yourself as a primate, because that’s what we are.” I can hear the student of biology there so frequently.



I clicked on the link. The image comes up, but there’s also this:

Page not found. The embed code for this chat is not valid.

Just thought you should know. Cheers.


yipeee :heart: re-watching it now… missed probably the beginning part of this - that song Jovino played at the start - just totally wowed by it :star_struck: …now back to watching :grin: and listening :blush: Thank you SO MUCH for the link!!!


So excited to see that Jovino is teaching this subject online (live/Zoom) at my “alma mater” this upcoming fall session.


Hi everyone,

@Jovino is hosting a live seminar on Wednesday 16th December at 5pm UTC.

Learn more below, add to your calendar, and submit your questions for Jovino to answer:

Tools For Composers - Live Seminar

In this workshop, participants will learn how to draw inspiration from many situations, and how to develop their reflexes as composers by catching ideas as they first appear.

Tools For Composers

Add this event to your calendar

Click on the icon of your calendar app below for the exact start time on your time zone and to be notified 1 hour before the event starts:

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Submit A Question

If you have a question on composing music, click the button below and email your question in for Jovino to answer during the session:

question jovino

Hope to see you there!

I just come out the live seminar replay “Brazilian rhythm for beginners” :star_struck: :star_struck: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Great seminar :: thanks so much !!

I really enjoy your playing and theres so much ideas and exercices for exploring the rhythmic part of brazilian music… Cooolll and effective :ok_hand:

@Jovino, you talk about playing some ballads and keeping in head the rhythmic of samba … could you talk a bit more about it, maybe some exercices to dive in even more inside . I understand each exercice you already give is the fondation to go there , to take time to absorb all that , but maybe some specific exercice for ballads ?
I am learning the beautiful “Luiza” from Jobim and i feel that’s what missing in my playing, this could be a great help.

Thanks a lot Jovino

PS I dont know where to post comment about Live Seminars . Sorry if not the right place.

I agree. That was a really great lesson with lots of great ideas for practice.

A question for anyone- I couldn’t rewind or fast forward the seminar when I watched it. Does anyone know if that facility exists for watching the live seminars?


Just to clarify- I"m asking about whether you can rewind/forward live seminars when watching the recorded versions not when they are being broadcast!! :wink:

I have added the speed controls, A/B loop and the seminar chapters so that you can more easily navigate the recording.

The 10-second skip back button is not currently showing which I will fix.

The comment system on that seminar page is now showing. It doesn’t appear until I add the chapter markings which I have just added :+1:

You can post comments either on the page or here in the forum.


@RicardoBenitez - I also added the scores for the tunes that we covered in the seminar - see the “Seminar Downloads” section.

If I remember correctly this was requested in the live chat during the session.


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