Lessons Learnt From Hermeto Pascoal

I came across an interesting link that Jovino shared on his Facebook page earlier:

I like this quote:

Harmony is the Mother, Rhythm is the Father, and Melody is the Offspring

-Hermeto Pascoal

The full article includes some interesting perspectives and lessons that Jovino learnt whilst working with the legendary Hermeto Pascoal - definitely worth checking out:

The first thing that Hermeto taught us when improvising over chords to ‘Campinas’ was to write above each chord symbol a number of triad options. So, if a chord was a C major 7th, we would write the symbols for G, E minor, D and B minor. These triads are components of the C Lydian mode. If a chord was a C minor 7th, we would write the triads Eb, Bb, D minor, F. These are components of the C Dorian mode. For each chord type there are between 2 and 5 triad options to be explored. However, instead of having us learn linear scales and modes, Hermeto would inspire us to create simple, intuitive melodies based on those triads.

These teachings tie in with Jovino’s masterclasses on PianoGroove:


Interesting stuff!


Hello friends, I just came across this video shot 30 years ago when Hermeto Pascoal and Group played in Corridonia, Italy.

Here we can see and hear Hermeto playing some amazing piano, keys, baritone horn, soprano sax and even a tea kettle: