Lesson Request Everyday I have the Blues in Bb(Ray)

Hayden, I was turning heads at a restaurany recently We walked into the bar area, and I saw apiano and sat down and started to play Driftin Blues. Which I applied From Novice to Pro on Slow Blues.
Can you please do a tutorial on Ray Charles Everyday I have the Blues in Bb?

Thank you, and I finally tell people thaat I play piano.



That’s awesome news Glenn - congrats!

Coincidentally I had a similar experience at the weekend. I went to a jazz club which was open until 2am and so I presumed the live music would be finishing around that time. We arrived around 11:45pm and the band stopped playing just shy of midnight so I took the opportunity to play a few tunes on the piano starting with the slow blues and it was very well received by the patrons. It was the first time i’ve publicly performed the blues too which was fun.

Yes absolutely. I think it would be best to create a Bb Blues course and incorporate material from that song and other Bb Blues songs into the different lessons of the same course. Rather than a stand-alone tutorial.

I’m still working on the “Slow Blues in F Course”, here’s my progress:

The 2nd module has been recorded which contains 4 lessons on turnaround variations. Here are the lesson plans if you’re interested in seeing the contents of those lessons:

These lessons have been sent to Ruben our video editor and they will be ready soon.

I’m currently planning out the remaining lessons in the course which are:

Space Fillers Module:

  • 6th Chord Chromatic Fills
  • Dominant Approach Chords
  • Sus Chord Movements
  • Walk Up Passages

Developing The Left Hand Module

  • ‘Pivoting’ Bass Notes
  • ‘Drum Roll’ Left Hand Technique
  • 12/8 Bass Lines

Improvisation & Blues Licks Module

  • ‘The Famous Lick’
  • F Major Blues Scale Licks & Phrases (for the I and V chords)
  • F Minor Blues Scale Licks & Phrases (for the IV chord)
  • The Extended Famous Lick
  • Targeting 3rd & 7ths via 3rd Intervals
  • Putting Everything Together (combining blues licks/phrases with space-filler concepts)

I will get all of this finished asap and then most certainly accommodate your request.

I had planned to move onto Slow Blues in C as the next blues course as I’m already comfortable with blues in that key, but we’ll see.

I’ll study the Ray Charles recording that you posted in the lesson comments and perhaps we can transpose and incorporate some of his melodic and harmonic ideas into the current blues in F course.

Here’s a blues album by Ray Charles that I stumbled across:

It’s not a solo piano album but there lots of nice piano intros and piano solos by the blues maestro!

Hey Hayden, that’s great. Would have loved to have been there!!

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