Left Hand Independence drills/practice

suggestions for a progression of drills so that the Left Hand is playing something independently of the right. sounds obvious I know but LH as rhythm section/drone leaving the right hand to improv freely.
like tapping top of head and reverse on your tummy.
does it sound bonkers ? hope you know what I mean
I want to improve this skill. thanks. fab channel btw. congrats

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I remember there being a seminar covered by Jovino a while back covering hand independence (on and off the piano).

Hopefully this is what you’re looking for.

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Thanks. I take a look at this. Best

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Hi @lester :wave:

In addition to Jose’s suggestion you might like to check out our blues lessons on left hand shuffle patterns.

The following 2 courses cover this style of playing:

This is a great style to play to improve left hand independence.

If any thing else springs to mind I will post it here :sunglasses:

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Thanks v. much. Ill take a look.