Kristeta's Practice Log

HI there. Happy 2020 to everyone! l :slight_smile:

Thought I’d start my Student Progress Thread to

  1. write about what I am currently working on
  2. share my personal goals monthly for 2020
  3. share progress videos and get positive feedback :slight_smile: and tips so I can get more motivation and guidance with my Jazz Piano journey!

I’ll do my best to keep updating this thread and also add more information about myself and my music background, later on etc .

I love doing collaborations with other musicians online. I can probably share a few samples of them later on - they are all created just for fun though :slight_smile: - I also love improvising and composing simple tunes though this will be my first year to really really make time to learn about Jazz playing and use keys to explore the genre.

I’m really looking forward to reading/visiting other members’ practice logs and watching students’ videos to see what you are working on. I’m highly impressed with some videos and practice logs that I have already read and seen…

Hayden’s jazz lessons are very motivating and really informative - plus i love the positive vibe in the community.

I’m also very excited to watch/ learn other styles and lessons from other amazing teachers that we have in here …

I’ve started learning the 7th chords in all 12 Keys - and from there, I would like to keep practising it so I can move on to working on and recording myself when playing the inversions for each…

Here are the videos for my initial practices :slight_smile:
All tips, positive feedback welcome!

Video 1
7th chords in C, F, Bb, Eb - practice video

Video 2
7th Chords in Ab - Db - F - B - E

Video 3
7th Chords in A- D- G

In the past, I have attempted to learn about 7th chords on guitar and did a bit of improv on keys though - at the time, it was just me really applying and learning the chords…

Melodic Improv - 7th chords (draft)

Learning 7th chords on Guitar (practice video)

Most of my improvs are not jazz at all - but just really based on what i would feel at the moment or based on if I would suddenly hear an interesting chord progression and would like to create something new out of it and may be add something etc. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I have long been looking for really good online lessons for jazz and other related styles so I can also expand my creativity in playing other music styles :slight_smile:

Here is one of them -
Piano Improv 20 | Kristeta

Thanks very much for listening and watching!!! Take care and Happy practising!


Thanks for sharing this Kristeta - wonderful inspiration for us all.

You might like to check out our new syllabus pages which focus on key areas of jazz theory and technique.

I’ve been working on this new feature all of last month and it’s coming together nicely.

I will be tweaking and fine tuning the syllabus information over the next few days before the official launch.


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Thanks very much! Hayden :grinning: Yes! Will definitely do !

I would like to also be able to get myself familiarised and more comfortable with 11th and 13th chords so when sight reading jazz standards - would be more confident to play the LH chords without needing to think much then will have more flow when playing

I really am excited with the courses - You are able to cover so many things within each lesson - able to already give tips too when improvising or what purpose it will give us when learning a certain topic - I love how you organise the jazz lessons . Well thought out - not to mention how excellently you deliver and perform the songs!

I hope to get back to my routine tomorrow and will be able to watch more lessons! Best wishes!


Bravo Kristetas and thanks sharing your work !

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Thanks very much Pierre :smiley: Hope you are well !

February 2020 progress…

Have managed to insert some time for practice, sight reading and lesson watching!

Song Learning:

I started learning Hayden’s arrangement of “My Funny Valentine” tune and still on my initial stage of playing it – will give it some more time -

  1. to get more comfortable with it and later on
  2. can hopefully incorporate more dynamics in my playing and
  3. improve its accuracy and feel :slight_smile:

Starting to learn some of the pieces from the site are really helping me slowly get to know and really enjoy this style … apart from watching lessons and tons of listening :slight_smile:

This vid was today when I up my tempo and tried it at 125 bpm - I realised I needed to ask what was the goal tempo for the song… :smile:

MFV @125 bpm | Kristeta’s progress vid

Then this one below was another of my first attempts @115 bpm I think - a few days back
MFV @ 115 bpm progress video | Kristeta

Other Learning Focus that will surely take me months/year :grinning: . . .

  1. Major modes - all 12 keys
  2. Melodic minor modes
  3. major minor chord drills
  4. 7th, 9th ,11th ,13th chords practice
  5. 251 progression studies

and if you’ve come this far :smile: Thanks for reading and watching! Any thoughts welcome!

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So I went back to some of my old videos and realised - I initially attempted (a couple of years back) to learn bits of jazz chords though on guitar – PianoGroove has really been inspiring me big time and helping me understand myself and plan further to have a more improved progress in jazz learning. Thanks very much!

Apologies for including a non-piano vid here :smiley: I thought would help me to give myself a reminder /follow up as to where I was before in my jazz journey and what improvements I can add this year on keys … Cheers!
Any/ All thoughts/ comments welcome! :slight_smile:

Draft practice videos

Learning 7th chords on guitar

Learning Asus and C9 chords :slight_smile:

March - April 2020 Progress (Quarantine Challenge)

Hello! :blush:
So I’ve been working on my 2nd song goal which is “When I Fall In Love” from Hayden’s Jazz Ballads lessons …

This is still raw and needs work on a lot of things - I would really like to get more comfortable with my playing, dynamics, touch + currently reviewing how these chords are built then Hayden’s explanation on the progression | theory etc …

I am pleased that I got to record a progress video today so I can keep track of where I am in my practices and understanding of the piece/s…… When I am more knowledgeable in this style ! will definitely start to improvise and hopefully play my own version of these tunes I have been learning… All comments welcome! :blush:

Hope you are all well and able to use this time to connect with your family, friends, or with other things you love doing! Take care.


Hi Kristeta. I love the way you put your own touch on this tune! :grinning:

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Very nice Kristeta. You are progressing very well!!!

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hi. Thanks very much Paul - Means a lot to me. Hope you are well! … Hayden’s transcriptions are always very moving, interesting and challenging :blush: - I listen to his recording and I am motivated instantly - and then the moment i look at the piece hahah! I knew would take me weeks | months to learn , yesterday - I thought I was gonna give up on it! :laughing: - I am now starting to listen to other versions and will still be working on the polishing part… long way to go :blush: - whew but always a smile on my face when the lesson I am watching is helping me understand what I am doing -hehe , - I’m still on the theory part - and re-watching the lessons, taking notes etc… The improv part is slowly (very) happening, since I’m really new to jazz improv - the first few trials I made still showed my classical influence + a bit of new age ( i sort of love combining both) = so ending was , it didn’t sound jazz at all hahah… I’ve been really surrounding myself with jazz music, watching - listening to jazz drumming … and enjoying it! Best part is being part of this community - You all inspire me :blush:

Do you normally have a set time for jazz practice? or when learning songs etc? or do you go by mood maybe? … or do you use an actual journal? I know Hayden mentioned about a practice plan (not sure if that’s the term) haven’t tried it but hopefully next time, would love to use it too… Thanks very much again, Take care.

Hello Celia! How are you? :blush: Thank you for the kind words. Really appreciate it! It gets tempting (for me) to jump from one song to the next which I know I should not do unless I’m
done (and have fully understood) with the previous songs I am learning…

I know you’d agree, the music lessons here are really inspiring and addicting! (including Piano groove members’ videos are so fun to watch) How are you doing? Any new songs you have currently been busy learning or playing - I haven’t checked all the threads yet _ but will hope to see everyone’s Practice logs (including yours and Paul’s) ! Really excited to learn too from you, others or what lessons Piano Groovers are tackling and interested in. Take care and Thanks so much for stoppin’ by!

Edit: I saw somewhere you wrote how stunning Nearness of You piece is! Yay. so true… I am currently learning it - and smiling ear to ear each time I hear or see new/ interesting harmonies! love the arrangement :upside_down_face: Wow , just read you already have learned 21 songs or maybe more than that now - that is amazing Celia. Am really impressed!

Your performance sounds beautiful Kristeta :clap:

Nice job!

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Hi Kristeta,

There is a lot to learn and PianoGroove has given us a great platform.

I like to play in the morning when I am fresh. In the past, I have practiced at least two to three hours a day and often times more. However, mood does play a role and it has had an impact lately. I have just started Body and Soul. Below is my practice list. They are all memorized, but still a work in progress.! (Once I have Body and Soul memorized, it will be added to the list.)

I try to work on at least a third of the list each day and use an Excel file to mark them off to make sure I cover everything. Unfortunately, I have not been doing as well at getting to all of them over the past week to ten days. I am going to push myself though.

Keep posting. Your enthusiasm is encouraging and inspiring.


Hi Kristeta,

Glad your finding the threads on Pianogroove useful as so much information - may Hayden should collate this into a book - haha - be a best seller I bet! :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

Please don’t give up - we all have good days and bad days when practicing for whatever reasons. Can’t have the good without the bad.

Yep listening to different versions is great to feel the emotions from other players and how they approach the tunes as we all express ourselves differently, Remember its a journey we’re all on and must say its a busy and bumpy road we are all driving long… :oncoming_automobile:

I terms of practice time - given I’m a freelancer I spend my day working at home and try to set myself a time each to practice for a couple of hours or less depending how things are progressing - normally around 8 pm at night which is not a good time really. Normally I play tunes that I have learnt (so I don’t forget them…) outside of a few warm up Hanon five finger exercises. and split my on 1-2 new songs and 251’s and theory (pending the iPad battery lasting).

I also tend to chop and change between intermediary and advanced standards and sometimes they take me weeks if not a month or two to master like the tune “You Must Believe in Spring” that Tuomo taught - I tricky piece that’s for sure. I also go back from time to time to play some of the songs I learnt earlier to try new things which is thoroughly recommended. :grinning:

I must say, I don’t use a practice plan as I tend to work from what I think I need to play or learn. Its a good idea though the foundation and other planner are a good step to monitor your progress and identify areas that you find difficult to spend more time on.

Anyway - hope this help given you a window into my playing. :musical_keyboard:


Wonderful tips and advice here @paul1523727, @celia, and @Kristeta.

It’s really great to hear the different way we approach our practice as ultimately there is no ‘one size fits all’.

Thanks for sharing and I’m sure our students who are new to jazz will find these insights helpful and inspiring.

Cheers and happy Easter to everyone!


Thanks very much! Hayden :blush: that’s very encouraging! … will keep with the practice! :upside_down_face: Hope you are well and Happy Easter! Take care.

Wow. Celia - I love your list ! Thanks so much for sharing … “All the way” is very tempting - really love that song! too :smiley: I like how you have indicated the song form and key for each song - that’s a really great idea! Thanks for that.

so agree with you on the mood … Does play a role :upside_down_face:
plus checking on Piano groove really allows the motivation to grow/increase .

Yay. Enjoy your jam on Body and Soul. CooL! Take care. thanks again!

Actually, I can’t take credit for indicating the form of the song. That was Hayden’s idea! :grin:

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hi there! Paul. Really appreciate the response. Great share of your practice routine, plus tips, thoughts , very helpful! - Really Thank you - as well for the kind words. :blush:

“You Must Believe in Spring” - sounds really interesting. Would love to listen to it. Yeah about the theory, 251s etc - I’m really glad we have the notes section - that is one of my favourites. Each time I go back to a lesson - those notes I’ve written are such excellent reminders esp (for me) what I find as a highlight in the lesson - plus Hayden does have the theory lecture available on what he discussed - that is so beneficial!

For some reason, I do love practising on a midnight too lol :upside_down_face: when everyone and everything is soooo quiet haha - but I of course adjust the volume.

It’s been really a great experience learning from fellow Piano groove members - thank you again and Happy Playing! Take care.

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