Kenny Kirkland: Doctone

Tuomo is posting his Kenny Kirkland transcription exercises, and I thought those of you following that thread might find this interesting. Really, it’s interesting in and of itself. It’s a 30 minute documentary offered on the pianist Noah Haidu’s website. Click on the “Watch on Vimeo.” Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


Fascinating stuff - thanks for sharing…!!

There are some insightful glimpses into the life of top musicians. I was particularly struck by the comments of Bemshi Shearer on the lows that come after the high of a performance. If you’ve put your heart and soul into something, its very successful, and you feel really good about it, you’re often not prepared for the drop after it’s all over. It reminded me of Janis Joplin, alone in a hotel room killed by heroin. Great talent is not always a blessing.
It was also interesting to see that stars tend to seek the approval of other stars. The bit about Bruce Willis was funny.
Thanks for the post Scott.

Thanks so much for sharing! Scott :blush: