Kenny Barron Recordings

Among jazz musicians, especially in New York City, Kenny Barron is considered an institution. He spent years in bands led by the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Yusef Lateef and Stan Getz, and brings that wisdom to every note. He’s put out dozens of albums, continues to write new music, and turns up in classrooms and on concert stages throughout the city.

Find links to his finest recordings below:

Kenny Barron and Brad Mehldau deliver a stunning duo performance at the 1999 Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy.

Fantastic interplay between both musicians as they trade roles comping and soloing.


Hi Hayden,

I love this Kenny / Dave Holland number - Spiral

Kenny seems to play so effortlessly…


Paul Jarvis


Awesome thanks for sharing this Paul!

Indeed, his technical virtuosity has always amazed me - and how he keeps such a strong groove and sense of time whilst doing it!

Check out Kenny Barron’s groovy rendition of James Williams’ tune Alter Ego…

He uses the minor 11th voicing and it’s variations throughout the tune.


Kenny Barron & Charlie Haden - Body & Soul

Really well played by Kenny here… :


Hi Hayden , I really enjoyed your rendition of Alter Ego on the Kenny Barron voicing lesson, so was inspired to seek out a transcription, and here it is []

The trio version on Youtube is great !

Hi Natasha,

Thanks for sharing!

Yes “Alter Ego” was one of the first tunes that piqued my interest in Kenny Barron… so beautifully played by him and his trio.

Wonderful stuff!.. I haven’t listened to this tune in a couple years… a really nice start to my day today :slight_smile: