Jazz synth lessons

Hi Pianogroove!

I was wondering if you could make a series of jazz synth lessons - specifially in the style of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea. Playing synth lead, rhythm/background playing, etc.
Some electric piano-lessons in general (Rhodes, etc.) would also be awesome (haven’t checked if you already have).

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That would be fantastic. I would be very interested in that too !



Great suggestion @nico321 and welcome to the community area!

I would suggest posting some more specific questions about this on Jon’s Blues/Funk Q&A Session which is scheduled for the 16th March. You can post questions on this page:

In your questions, mention artist names as you have above, and also referencing specific records can be helpful so that Jon understands exactly what sounds/styles you are referring to.

I will ask Jon in the interim about loading a synth virtual instrument into the live stream for the demonstrations - that would be really cool. Leave that with me.

We can certainly look to create a series of lessons in this stye too.


I was mainly thinking about a sort of introduction course to jazz synth - for intermediate level, introducing common synth techniques in rhythm (like a bass part) and soloing. But courses of advanced level breakdowns of Corea (Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant, Wind Danse), Hancock, Zawinul solos would be awesome as well - note choices etc.
Just submitted a question for the seminar asking about a breakdown of a jazz synth solo :slight_smile:

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Brilliant thanks Nico, I will forward this info to Jon.

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