Jazz Standard Tutorials location

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There used to be a tab with the tittle Jazz Standars under Lessons. I cannot find it now. Has this been moved somewhere else?


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when you’re logged in, one shows up on the Pro Member Dashboard on the list on the right. It separates them into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

When you’re not logged in, this one shows up under the lessons menu as “Jazz Standard Lessons”


Might be worth fixing that menu so it shows up when logged in!

Thank you @brett !

Are these the same tutorial that we find in each course? Or different arrangements?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Tomas :wave:

Yes they are the exact same tutorials found in each course.

To summarise:

Great suggestion Brett - I have amended the menu :+1:


@Hayden It’s still not showing up under the lessons menu when logged in. technology, huh? :slight_smile:

Hi Brett,

That’s unusual, I just checked again and I’m seeing it:

Perhaps it could be a cache issue with your browser?

I checked in Chrome and Safari and I can see the option in both.

Perhaps try a new browser and that will identify if your usual browser has cached an old version of the site.

Let me know :grinning:


Could have been that! It’s working now anyway in the same browser. :+1:

Yes same here refreshing the page on chrome dont let the "“jazz standard lessons” appears . But closing the page and opening it again do the job. Cool idea :sunglasses:

OK Checking again, and I can see it when logged in on the homepage, resources page, pro dashboard, but not the community tab. This is in a new browser so I don’t think it’s a caching issue. Can you double check that one @Hayden

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Same thing for me. I assume this will get ironed out. Just wanted to say I think listing Jazz Standard Lessons is a brilliant and helpful idea. I prefer to learn through playing the songs I love.

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Thanks again guys.

We are doing some website upgrades at the moment so there may be a few temporary glitches. If you spot anything unusual let me know.

We have a new syllabus section coming shortly to help organise the lessons and courses as our teaching team expands into more styles and genres.

More to follow :sunglasses:

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