Jazz Scales Resource

I came across this free resource and thought it might be helpful:

The Scale Omnibus
399 scales for instrumentalists, vocalists, composers and improvisors
Francesco Balena – www.saxopedia.com


This looks awesome, thanks for sharing this recourse Scott.

Moving forward, I think it would be brilliant to have a selection of tools built into the PianoGroove website.

Exactly this kind of thing would be fantastic… an interactive scale tool for our students to browse through. I would like these kinds of tools to live within the PianoGroove website so that students do not have to move in between programs/platforms, and everything is in one place.

These tools could also include quizzes/tests etc… for all levels and abilities.

I have added this to our roadmap for next year. I’ll be sharing this roadmap with the community around December time with our plans for 2019 and what we want to accomplish.

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Ye thanks impressive free ressource