Jazz blues in other keys

Hello Guys,

So I’m working through the Blues Improv course and all is well so far I can move fairly competently through a couple of Blues Heads in F and improv some neat lines over the changes.

I want to get to the point now where I can start in the key of Bb, I am trying to make the Voicings but I am struggling, can somebody please tell me some good solid voicings for my left hand?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’d love to play the blues in a few keys now,

Thank you,

Declan :musical_keyboard:

Hi @DeclanRiordan :wave:

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You might like to check out this performance lesson on a Bb Blues. You can find these in our course on “comping voicings” and we cover blues in F, Bb, and Eb.

These lessons are more performance-based so not to interfere with the flow of the demonstration, and you will see that the video includes annotations and also links to relevant lessons in the video description.

The video also shows more advanced comping styles:

There is a full transcription for each of these lessons, here for the lesson on Bb Blues:

Voicings-Improv-Transcription.pdf (299.4 KB)

I agree it would be good to have step-by-step beginner courses on blues in Bb and other keys which spend more time breaking down the actual voicing configurations.

Using the A/B Loop and slow down controls, you should be able to learn and emulate the voicings demonstrated in the lesson above and also pay attention to the comping styles and rhythms, playing along with the lesson is a good way to absorb this.

Let me know if that’s useful and if you have any further questions.

ps. I am currently working on a slow blues course, which is for solo piano performance (no backing track) and so that style might also be of interest to you.