Introduce Yourself To The PianoGroove Community! 🌎

Thanks for the great advice Lori!

Wellcome James … always take so much pleasure just playing some chords around… music is a gift … for the mind and the heart.

have fun…

Welcome @james5 to our wonderful community, hope you have fun with playing jazz :slight_smile:

Hi James.

Ditto to what everyone has said. Welcome to the pianogroove team. I hope you get truely inspired by the wealth of material and help that Hayden and everyone here offers. I for one have benefited immensely by resurrecting my jazz studies once again. Enjoy the journey :grinning:

Hi, my name is Simon, I’ve just joined the PianoGroove community and am very much looking forward to working through the Blues, Jazz and Latin sections (basically everything!). I live in the UK, not too far from London.

Professionally I’ve worked in the IT industry as a manager for many years. At the end of last year, I took early retirement from the day job, to concentrate on my other role as a church leader, singer and musician. I lead the church band and am about to start a community choir - should be fun!

My musical background was originally classical (piano), but in my mid teens I moved into playing pop, rock and some blues. I’ve always sung and played keys in covers bands, usually in pubs or for weddings, and really enjoy playing (and singing) with other musicians. While piano is my main instrument, I also love playing the flute.

My favourite musicians are:
Gene Harris
Andre Previn (Jazz)
Dudley Moore
Oscar Peterson

I have been really impressed with the structure of PianoGroove and have already learnt a lot from the first couple of blues lessons I have worked through.

Looking forward to the journey!


welcome here :exclamation:, hope hearing your playing soon … :musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard:

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Hi and welcome Simon!
What a fantastic background you have:smiley:
Congratulations on your choice to be a church leader, I think you will be really happy with that. And with the outstanding team of piano groove teachers and
the always supportive community you will surely be able to reach your goals
as a musician and band/choir leader.
I look forward to you sharing your experiences.

Have fun!

Hi All!,

Super glad to have chanced upon this platform.

I’m B Prasanna from India (you can call me BP), a composer/arranger. I’m a self taught musician, so my understanding is a little all over the place. I play a little bit of Indian percussion and keyboards.

I’ve been trying to expand my understanding of jazz and various aspects of it and I am hoping it will influence my compositions & arrangements positively.

The lessons and the community here seem awesome…looking forward to explore more.

Thank you!

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Welcome to the community BP! I know you will enjoy your journey.

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Likewise. Enjoy learning and developing knowledge and skills from such a great resource and community :pray:

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Welcome BP! :wave:

I’d recommend working though our courses from Beginner to Advanced.

If you have any questions you can ask here in the community area for quick replies from myself and the rest of our teaching team.

Our first 3 beginner jazz courses contain essential information for playing all types of improvised music:

  1. Jazz Piano Foundations Course
  2. Chord Extensions Course
  3. Mastering Rootless Voicings Course

Whether you want to play jazz, blues, bossa/samba, funk, gospel, etc… the information and theory covered in these courses is essential.

I’d recommend working on those courses as a priority.

A Composition Section In The Forum…

It would be nice for us to create a composition section here in the forum.

I know some of our students create their own music and it would be cool to have a place where we can share our compositions and our knowledge on composing.

@natasha0412 is a wonderful composer for film and theatre.

@anon84688975 creates awesome funk/fusion records.

I will also talk with our teachers and see what they think of the composition section idea.

Enjoy the lessons BP and talk soon!

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And another welcome, BP. I look forward to hearing some of your compositions one of these days. Have fun!

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Welcome BP have Fun :partying_face::musical_note: :musical_keyboard::sun_with_face::sun_with_face: :partying_face:

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Welcome to pianogroove. :grinning: It would be wonderful if you would share your music with us some time. I hope you enjoy your learning experience.

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Composition Section idea sounds great!

and thank you all for the warm welcome!! =)

You can check out one of the songs i composed, arranged and produced -

Would love to know what you think!


Wow lovely song and arrangement … must be like a dream to have an orchestra playing our own tune
Great job !!! :partying_face:

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That’s jaw-droppingly good! I need say no more, but the male vocalist is quite impressive. Now you’ve got me onto searching around YouTube for more. :wink:

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That was simply amazing!!! You are indeed very talented. Thank you for sharing.

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Wow! From the composition, arrangement, to the overall production it was AMAZING. I loved the whole. So creative! Thanks for sharing that. Like Scott I will be looking for more.

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Thank you so much!! :slight_smile: