Intro and endings

It should be interesting to have in the future lesson about intros and endings.
I think that it should be amazing :wink:
Thanks in advance.


Hi Michele,

Yes that’s a great idea.

@marc421812 also suggested more intro/outro/turnaround progressions… it is on my agenda to make a ‘small study book’ that contains common progressions and a video lesson on how to develop melodic decoration over the chords.

I will also make a dedicated video lesson to endings and turnarounds.

You can find the lesson on Introductions here: 1625 & 436251 Progression for Jazz Piano Introductions

and the PDF lesson supplement here:
1625-436251-Introductions.pdf (3.7 MB)

The most important thing is to memorise these formulas from the PDF:

I would recommend that you transpose these voicings around at least a few keys… or preferably all 12 keys… it will do you a lot of benefit!!

We do take about Turnarounds briefly in the upcoming study of the 12 Bar Blues, but only briefly. There are 9 lessons and they will be published in the next 12 hours which I’m very excited about… look out for the email :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering and for the good news as usually. Always the best! I look forward to watch these lessons. Bye.

Furthermore, as for major, minor and dominant, it should be interesting to have a lesson that explain and/or summarize the diminished/half diminished voicings.
A lesson about fills and runs (also with 2 hands) will be appreciated :smile:
Just a few ideas… thanks anyway :wink:

I think that’s a brilliant idea… I will add it to the lesson schedule. We do actually have a lesson on diminished chords, check that out here:

We can certainly study the half diminished chord in more detail :slight_smile:

Another great lesson idea… this will tie in nicely with the transcription exercises… the next one will be released with the blues lessons today. This exercise is to encourage students to transcribe licks and lines that can be used over the blues.

In the lessons I demonstrate how useful transcribed material is when you want to take a solo.

Your ideas are welcomed and very much appreciated Michele :smiley: