Interested in theater broadway musical classics?

Rodgers & Hammerstein wrote some of the most beautiful songs for Broadway & The American Songbook.
" I Have Dreamed," Hello Young Lovers," “We Kiss in a Shadow,” “Something Wonderful” (Carly Simon sang that as well); then there’s “Somewhere” from the movie “West Side Story.” These songs are meaningful and respectful reflecting a post WW2 generation that is passing away and lived quite differently from today.
The way songs were written back then, we can learn a lot about passion, romance and conviction for creating music …


Sure thing Del, I’ll look into these standards. I completely agree that a lot can be learnt from this era of music.

Ultimately, my job is to deliver tutorials on the songs that the students want to learn. Thanks for suggesting them and let’s keep this thread open for discussion around the topic.

I’ll have a listen to these songs in the meantime :slight_smile:

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